Demo ACS

This server is meant to mimic the acquirer’s control server (latency and all)

The following test cards can be used.

Pan Issuer Prompt Success Eci Status
4111111111111111 Visa N Y 6 Y
4916909992637469 Visa Y ? ? ?
4000111111111115 Visa N N 7 N
5555555555554444 Mastercard N Y 2 Y
5339978447172907 Mastercard Y ? ? ?
5105105105105100 Mastercard N N 0 N

*Exp year and month could be any two digit number. Example: 01/20

The screen that shows the prompt has 3 fields. The “response” field gives the user an opportunity to select the response type they would like to receive (NOTE: This is NOT representative of how the actual ACS works)

Response Description Liability Shift (Visa) ECI (Visa) CAVV Returned (Visa) Liability Shift (Mastercard) Eci (Mastercard) CAVV Returned (Mastercard) Success Status
Success Fully Authenticated Y 05 Y Y 02 Y Y Y
Attempted Attempted Authentication Y 06 Y Y 01 N Y A
Not Enrolled Card not enrolled/Issuing Bank not participating Y 06 N Y 01 N - -
Unavailable Authentication Unavailable N 07 N Y 00 N Y U
Failed Failed Authentication N 07 N N 00 N Y N